Software Engineer Intern

Rudolph Technologies is seeking an energetic software/systems engineering intern with a desire to solve leading edge technology problems in a variety of disciplines with a focus on software and control systems engineering.
The successful candidate will work with a team of seasoned software, hardware and systems engineers. The problem solvers in this team accept no boundaries. This will present the successful candidate with opportunities to develop the basis for an exciting career in the microelectronics industry, or any other leading technology industry.
Test script design
Software and machine testing.
Script development
Quality report generation.
At least one year in an engineering in an accredited engineering degree program or a Computer Science degree program.
Object Oriented Programming skills. C++, Smalltalk or Python desired.
An interest in electronics, servo systems, optics and/or image processing
Outstanding problem solving skills.
Serviceable written and verbal communication skills.
A dynamite work ethic with a desire to achieve.
Desired Skills:
Control Systems (servo, stepper, robotics) course work and preferably lab experience. Academic setting is acceptable.
Digital electronics.
Image processing using a popular image processing toolkit such as Halcon, MIL, Cognex, IPP, or OpenCV
Knowledge of embedded system development environments such as RTEMS, VxWorks or similar environment
Knowledge of SQL for a popular DB like PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL.
Knowledge of Matlab or Octave programming language.

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