Teacher Assistant/Adaptive Physical Education Teacher

The May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Wilmington, MA is looking for a full-time Teacher Assistant/Adapted Physical Education Teacher to provide direct care support to increase independence for individuals at the program. Approximately 75% of this dual position is a Teacher Assistant providing direct instruction in the classroom. Under the direction of a Special Education Teacher, Teacher Assistants provide direct instruction to the students in the areas of academics, self-care (ADLs), and vocational tasks as well as manage challenging behaviors utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. The Adapted Physical Education Teacher component oversees physical education classes and gross motor activities for all students and ensures the implementation of all motor-related objectives.
Applying age and population-specific competencies
Implementing programs and behavior support plans as written
Collecting data
Assisting with personal care
Managing behavioral crises
Documenting critical incidents
Providing transportation of consumers within the community as required
Designing and directing Adapted Physical Education classes
Preparing relevant gross motor and gym class materials
Implementing program safety protocols

Minimum of a Bachelor's degree in a related field
Strong verbal and written communication skills
Previous adapted education experience preferred

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